28 Feb. 14

Is Installing A High Pressure Toilet In Your Home A Good Idea?

Pressure assisted toilet or toilets with a high water pressure are mostly used for commercial purposes and in some businesses, but every now and then some people decide to install some of these in their homes and the question is, are these types of toilets a good idea for you home?

There are many benefits that come from having one of these pressure-assisted toilets in your home, but there are also some downsides, like the noise they make.

A pressure assisted toilet sounds like those toilets that you find at restaurants, airports and other businesses. This type of noise can be very uncomfortable at home, as the walls and sizes of our rooms are usually smaller than those of businesses and this means the sound of your toilet will be heard in almost every room of your house.

This is why you must think twice about installing one of these toilets in your home. It can be really uncomfortable to be sleeping at night or concentrating on something and hearing the toilet flush a few rooms away.

Another reason why people decide not to install one of these toilets in their homes is that they may explode! Yes you read right, assisted pressure toilets may explode as their functioning causes the bowl to become pressurized as the water is flowing in. If too much pressure is stored in the bowl, the toilet’s tank or top may explode and this could not only be hazardous to your home, but it could also be very dangerous for people standing nearby or those who are flushing the toilet.

There are good reasons for having a pressure assisted toilet installed in your home too, but most families believe that a normal toilet is enough for them. Some of the advantages of these toilets are:

· They cause fewer clogs than standard gravity toilets do.
· Their tank-inside-tank design does not buildup condensation during humid weather.
· They have less moving parts, so they are less likely to break or need repairs.
· Their ability to flush with high water pressure allows older homes and plumbing systems to push waste more efficiently and easily.
· They are now more eco-friendly gravity toilets.
As you can see, deciding to install a pressure assisted toilet in your home may be a tough decision, but whatever you decide will surely be best for you. Feel free to read some of our other blog posts, to learn more about plumbing and improving your home. You can also contact us at All About the Pipes.