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30 Nov. 17

Choices for bathroom and kitchen faucets

Bathroom and kitchen faucets are seen and used very frequently. It is important to choose quality faucets that are easy to use and that have the finish and features that you desire. The kitchen is a high traffic area of the home where families and guests seem to always congregate. Cooking and entertaining are vital and enjoyable activities in many homes, and it is important to have a sink and faucet that are both functional and fitting for your kitchen decor.

Kitchen faucets come in a myriad of color finishes. Various shades of black and bronze are a trendy and up to date kitchen faucet finish. There are also a wide variety of classic kitchen faucet finishes such as stainless steel and chrome. Styles range from old world styles such as Victorian looking faucets, to modern stream lined styles. Faucets come in one and two handle varieties. Choose the type that you feel gives you the most precise control of temperature and volume. Kitchen faucets also have various sprayer options, such as a side sprayer, or a pull down sprayer. When choosing a kitchen faucet, consider whether or not you plan to use a built in water filtration system.

Bathroom faucets should match the overall decor of your bathroom. As with kitchen faucets, there are a myriad of color finish and style options for bathroom faucets. Choose one that is functional, fits in well with your bathroom design, and has a good warranty. Sometimes bathroom faucet choices are limited by the type of sink and faucet holes already in place.

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