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Dealing with slow drains? Has a pipe burst at your home, leaving you without water? Has an appliance suffered damage, or your water heater stopped functioning? These are just a few of the common issues our Rock Hill, NC, customers face. At All About the Pipes Plumbing, we’ve proudly served the Rock Hill area for over 15 years, delivering professional solutions for residential and business customers. Our services include:

Get Connected: For new construction, we can offer professional sewage and water supply connections.

High-Technology Systems: High-tech plumbing systems offer improved functionality and we can install, maintain and repair any such system.

Get It Fixed: We offer plumbing repairs for virtually any need, from burst pipes to new toilet installation.

Clean It Out: Slow draining systems often need Drain Cleaning to remove built up soap scum, hair, food particles, grease and other debris. We can help.

Heat It Up: Need a new water heater installed? Perhaps your current unit is no longer heating your home’s water. Whatever the case, our professionals can solve the issue.

Go Tankless: Tankless Water Heaters can offer instant hot water and use less electricity than conventional models. Contact us for a custom quote.

Beyond the Structure: Your home or business is connected to the main sewage line, which can suffer from buildup, root penetration and other issues that compromise performance. We offer Sewer Cleaning to help keep things flowing smoothly.

Your Eco-Solution: From tankless water heaters to in-home comfort systems and whole-home filtration systems, we offer an Eco Solutionfor every need.

Whether you need plumbing repairs, new plumbing installation, a new water heater or other appliance, we can help. We invite Rock Hill, NC, area residents and business owners to get in touch with us today – call us at 704-559-5288.

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