28 Apr. 12

Conventional Storage Water Heaters

The most widely used water heater today is the conventional storage water heater. These are most often found in businesses and homes according to the guys at All About The Pipes Plumbing Inc. These tanks can store and heat from 6 to 100 gallons of water.

The technology is quite simple. Cold water enters the heater from the top of the tank directly from a home’s cold water supply and a dip tube directs this cold water to the bottom of the tank. The hot water exits the tank from the top when a hot water faucet is activated.

The water is released by the pressure in the external water line. The burners that heat the water are at the bottom of the tank and are responsible for heating the cold water entering the tank. Since heat rises, the hot water at the top of the tank is the first water to leave the water storage tank when a hot water faucet is turned on. This allows the colder water at the bottom to reach hotter temperatures before entering a hot water faucet. Tanks that recover quicker usually have larger or additional burners installed and thicker layers of fiberglass insulation.

The water is heated by either gas burners or electric elements at the top and bottom of the tank. The walls of the storage tank are insulated with fiberglass or foam insulation to prevent heat loss. Storage tank heaters can last 10 years or more. Impurities in the water will cause corrosion over time, which may lead to failure or leakage, so maybe you would want to consider a whole house water filtration system. Tanks should be drained annually or more frequently if the water supply is heavy in minerals. All About the Pipes Plumbing Inc. can assist you in the maintenance of your water heater.