30 Oct. 14

Be Warned at the First Sign of a Leak. It’s Now Possible.

Water damage is something that you certainly hope never happens to you. But when it does, you need to stop the flow of water as soon as you can to keep damage at a minimum. The most recent available statistics say that families lose over 6.8 billion dollars to flood damage annually. That’s an average cost of almost $4,000 per homeowner.

But what if your home or business had a way to detect leaks within moments of them happening? Imagine the amount of possessions and documents you could save and the potential damage amounts that could be avoided.

This type of protection is exactly what Global Management Systems is offering with its WaterSafe residential and commercial leak protection system. WaterSafe places moisture sensors in areas of your home or business that are most likely to leak. These sensors, when wet, do two things: First, they shut off the water flow to the leak, often without disrupting the flow of water to the rest of the structure. At the same time, the moisture sensing system sends an immediate e-mail to the home or business owner, informing them that there maybe a problem.

Imagine the comfort this could bring to you when you’re away from home. For example, if the refrigerator starts leaking you could come home to a disastrous situation.The WaterSafe system not only helps to stop the leak, it saves your home or business from expensive repairs and heavy insurance claims.

What’s more, the system has a comprehensive warranty that covers up to $5,000 toward any insurance deductible.

All About the Pipes is certified to install the WaterSafe commercial and residential moisture detection systems. We would be happy to set up a FREE appointment with you to give you an estimate on protecting your home from any potential water-based problem. There’s no obligation and there’s no better time than now. If you’re interested and live anywhere in the greater Charlotte area, give us a call at 704-559-5288 or visit www.allaboutthepipes.com.