30 Nov. 14

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World Plumbing Day

March 11th was World Plumbing Day

The World’s Plumbing Day was just this last Tuesday and as it does every year, it helped to raise awareness about the importance of good quality plumbing systems and what plumbers do to contribute to our communities. World Plumbing Day was established by the United Nations and in 2014 they focused on how plumbing is an essential part of our health.

Plumbing is a profession of extreme importance to our society and although not many people are interested in it or want to work as a plumber, it really does impact the entire world. Not knowing much about plumbing and how these systems work can lead to some bad management in some households and thus affect an entire community. This is one of the main reasons the United Nations wanted to create World Plumbing Day to help raise awareness about the importance of these systems in our homes.

Water treatment, water supply, drainage and sanitation systems, sewage treatment, flood management, ventilation systems, water heating and sewage recycling are all encompassed in the plumbing profession. There are also many other things involved in the plumbing industry, which is why it is so important for all of us. A day like this one is meant to help the general public to learn more about plumbing systems, how to follow some safety measures and how not to affect the systems in any way.

At All About the Pipes, we focus on working with the latest plumbing technologies and always deliver a high quality job to our clients. We worry about human health and want to promote the World Plumbing Day, as it will help communities all over the world to learn more about the plumbing industry and the services that are offered by professional plumbers like us.