Check Your Water Heaters Regularly

It is always a good idea to inspect or double check your home's water heaters every now and then. This can prevent damage to your plumbing system and even prevent an explosion. There are many things that could cause your water heaters to malfunction, which is why it is extremely recommended to check them on a frequent basis.  In this blog post, you will be able to learn more about inspecting your water heaters and what you can do in order to keep them working perfectly all of the time. 

Many experts recommend being extremely careful with some of the wall mounted electric water heaters in the market. These are more dangerous than older water heater models and could in fact cause an explosion in your home. According to some professional studies, these types of water heaters can very easily reach inside temperatures over 194 degrees Fahrenheit, which can cause its interior to rot and this will lead to your water heater’s malfunction. 

Once your water heater begins to rot from its inside, it is very likely for the safety valve to get clogged up and this could lead to a terrible explosion in your home. The experts recommend that you not only inspect your water heater on a regular basis, but that you set its temperature to under 140 degrees Fahrenheit, as this can reduce the risk of your safety valve clogging up and thus, prevent any type of explosion or malfunction. 

Experts also recommend unplugging your electric wall mounted water heater when it is not being used. This only affects its overall performance and could cause some problems when nobody is home. Not only will unplugging your electric water heater, when not in use, help you to prevent any damage to your home, but it will also help you to reduce your energy bill and to save money every single month. 

If you still have some of the older electric or propane water heater models, it is also a good idea to check their performance on a regular basis and to unplug them when not in use. These can also cause explosions in your home, if they are not working properly.  Whichever type of water heater you have installed in your home, it is a very smart idea to check them at least twice per year, so you can make sure that they are not broken and that nothing strange will happen inside your home. 

If you are not used to checking your home’s water heaters nor have any idea how to do this, you can always contact some of the professional plumbers at All About the Pipes and we will help you with your water heater inspection right away. Always remember that prevention is a better strategy than having to fix something broken and our team of professional plumbers will always be happy to help you out.