Keeping Your Garbage Disposal Clean, With Salt & Ice

We all know how important garbage disposals are for modern life and keeping them clean and odor free is one of the things we need to worry about.   In this article, you will learn how to keep your garbage disposal clean, with salt and some ice.  This is a very simple strategy, which will help you to keep your kitchen in excellent condition and prevent some health hazards as well. 

Many people believe that inserting some pieces of lemon into their garbage disposal is an excellent way to keep it clean, but the truth is very different, as this will not really cleanse your garbage disposal, but only make it smell nice. If you really want to get rid of bacteria and germs in your garbage disposal, you should clean it with some salt, some ice and some cold water.  This will get rid of mostly everything and it will also help to keep your garbage disposal odor-free and smelling nicely.

While you could also fill in the sink with water and then just flush it down your garbage disposal, you would still not get it sufficiently cleaned, which is why adding some ice and salt, will do the trick.      

You should also remember not to drop some eggshells, peels or hard things down your garbage disposal, as these can really affect the cleanliness of your kitchen and could in fact harm your garbage disposal system in the long run.  These sorts of things can also stink up your kitchen and you would need to clean your garbage disposal a lot more often.

It is also important to remember, that using hot water instead of cold water to clean your garbage disposal is a bad idea, as grease and other such substances, will clog up further into your drains, if you use hot water.  Cold water will not cause this and salt will also help to dissolve grease and other substances, which means that your pipes will not clog up and that you will have a very useful garbage disposal system.

According to some people, once you have cleaned your garbage disposal with some cold water, some salt and some ice, you can in fact use some lemon juice, to make it smell nice and this will not affect the cleanliness of your garbage disposal, as it has already been cleaned and most of the grease has been flushed down.  If you follow some of these tips, you will be able to keep your garbage disposal a lot cleaner and you will also have a kitchen that smells very nice.    

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