Survey Results Prove Girls Should Become Plumbers

Some campaigns are now being launched in order to encourage girls to become plumbers. Some surveys have proved that many people would rather have a woman working in their house, than a man. 

WaterSafe, recently conducted a poll of 2000 consumers and their results showed that at least two out of five North West homeowners would rather have a female plumber going into their home instead of a male plumber.

Around 50% of the people, who participated in the poll stated that they would feel a lot safer with a woman doing their plumbing jobs and that they would not be patronized by them.  Although this survey proved that many people would rather have a female plumber, than a male plumber, the poll also proved that homeowners are more interested in the plumber’s experience, than in their sex.

At least two thirds of the people who participated in this poll also believe that although plumbing is more of a man’s job, they would like to see more women in this industry and that they know that they would also provide high quality services.      

At least one third of the women who were interviewed stated that if they had the chance, they would think about getting involved in the plumbing industry and that it sounded like an interesting thing for them to do.  This was certainly something unexpected, as not many people would imagine that some women are interested in becoming plumbers. 

Around a quarter of the women interviewed in this poll, stated that they would prefer a job in a typical female industry, like teaching, office based jobs and health jobs.  It is obvious that more women are becoming involved in those industries, which were thought for men only in the past. 

Not only are some women doing an excellent job in these industries, but some have already surpassed some men and are creating even more opportunities for women around the world.  Hopefully, more women will join the plumbing industry in the near future, so they can help homeowners and help this industry to grow as well.