Protect Yourself And Your Home

As we have mentioned in the past the cold and freezing temperatures can really affect your home’s plumbing. These problems can lead to some great repair expenses.  Many people know about opening cabinet doors and letting faucets drip in order to prevent frozen pipes, but there are still many who do not know how to prevent pipe problems caused by cold weather. 

While many people recommend letting your faucets drip when it is very cold, plumbers know that this only works for indoor faucets. Outside plumbing is completely different from indoor plumbing, as the cold temperatures can freeze your pipes.  What really happens with outdoor plumbing is that water freezes so fast it turns into ice cubes and this can cause some severe damages to your pipes. 

According to some experts, spending a few dollars on outdoor faucet covers is one of the best investments that any house owner can make.  These simple methods for protecting your outdoor faucets can save you hundreds of dollars in repairs and they are also very easy to install. 

Plumbers recommend homeowners to inspect their attic pipes and to see if they are well insulated.  Although, many homeowners are now choosing hot water recirculation pumps, having well insulated pipes in your attic can also improve your home’s hot water system, which is very necessary during the cold winter months.

These tips should be enough to protect your home’s plumbing system from freezing when it is really cold, but you should also beware of the hot weather months, which will soon arrive too. Being alert about running water inside your home’s walls or moisture appearing in unexpected places is one of the things that plumbers also recommend homeowners to do.

As soon as the weather starts to heat up, you may start noticing things that are beginning to unfreeze all over your house.  Some pipes may take a few weeks or months to split, which is why inspecting your plumbing system every few months is a very smart choice.    

So as you can see, cold temperatures can really be dangerous for your home’s plumbing and this is why you should always try and prevent these sorts of problems.  Try following some of the tips described here or give All About the Pipes a call and we will be glad to help you solve all of your plumbing system doubts.