You Won’t Believe This Plumbing Job!

Most homeowners worry about calling their plumbers because they fear what the bill is going to be, but the Canadian high Arctic region, has recently gone through probably the most expensive plumbing job in the world.   Even the military was involved in this project! 

The job lasted for ten days and it was all done in a very frozen and dark part of the Arctic region.  The job required tough and laborious 10 meter drilling techniques and some submarine robots, had to be used to survey some of the damage and process below. 

Apparently, the problem was a broken pump, which was finally replaced, after the 10 arduous days of work. The backup pump however, was not replaced, as the team of plumbers decided to wait for warmer temperatures.   

The team had to be transported on Hercules planes, as this was the best way to reach the remote area.  These trips, reached a cost of around $85,000 alone, which is why this job became the most expensive job in the world, related to plumbing and repairing water pumps. 

These types of plumbing jobs prove how far humankind has come and how useful technology has been, towards helping us reach places that people did not use to roam in before.  Jobs like this one also make plumbing look like a more interesting industry and show how important these systems are for our communities. 

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