Have you ever wondered what a tank less water heater actually is? Do you ever wonder how it could be a water heater if it has no tank? Or, why would I want a tank less water heater? Why is it better than the traditional models?

The tank less water heater is the newest technology available for the heating of your household water. It is a green technology with efficiency ratings of 98%. This is 40% more efficient than your standard tank models available today. The tank less water heater produces considerably less CO2 and NOx than the conventional gas or electric tank water heaters. Still not convinced? The tank less water heater produces hot water on demand. It is a small compact unit that uses minimal electric, natural gas or propane as their fuel source the same sources as your tank style heater. It will continue to produce unlimited hot water as long as there is a demand. Multiple appliances and back to back showers can be taken at the same time without a loss of hot water. Not so with the traditional. You can expect, depending on the size of the unit, anywhere from 2 to 19.5 gallons of hot water per minute to be produced from the tank less water heater.

A typical tank style water heater averages 40-100 gallons and must maintain the water at a constant temperature. As the water is used it is replaced with cold water that must be brought up to temperature and maintained. Thus the tank style water heater works constantly. It is the single largest user of energy in a home. Traditional water heaters require a considerable amount of valuable floor space in a home. Their life expectancy is on average 10-12 years and most have a warranty of 6 years. A tank style water heater often has issues with leaks, elements or gas burner assemblies that result in costly repairs or worse major damage to ones home.

A tank less water heater has a life expectancy of 20 years. Warranties range from 12-20 years on a tank less. This is considerably better than the tank style. While the initial cost to install a tank less is more than the traditional style heater the energy savings and warranties make up the difference. The tank less is a compact and attractive unit. It would compare in size to that of an electrical panel box. With the compact size comes versatility. A tank less can be located most anywhere it can be vented in a home as well as an exterior installation. This will allow you to reclaim that valuable floor space and never have to worry again if a leaking water heater will flood your home.

Because this is such a valuable technology in the saving of our resources and reducing the carbon footprint there are several credits and rebates available to individuals installing a tank less water heater.