In the past, new homeowners would think mostly about installing a tub in at least one of their bathrooms, but today, it seems as this tendency has dropped and now more people are looking to install showers, instead of the old comfy tub.  There are many beliefs on why this is happening, but basically it involves saving water, saving space and saving money. 

According to some experts in the plumbing and bathroom industries, people are not choosing bathtubs for their homes anymore and there are other trending options, which are rapidly becoming a standard in many places.  Overhead showers are now more popular these days and people are preferring to use the space where a bathtub would go, to have a larger bathroom, a small closet space or even a very large shower. 

Bathtubs needs a lot of water to be filled and this means that you will spend more on water every month, if you take regular baths in your tub.  Showers do not require that much water and they are also easier to clean and allow you to clean yourself, in a shorter period of time. 

People are also choosing shower designs, which make their bathrooms more spacious and require less space.  These shower designs are now easily available in the market and their prices have dropped a lot, which is why they are now being used in more homes around the country. 

Floating vanities, are also being chosen over traditional bathroom vanities these days and they are also helping people to have a little more free space in their homes.  Toilets that have in wall carriers and tanks are a very popular option these days and they certainly look great in any bathroom. 

Just as everything in this world, bathroom traditions are changing and it will only be a matter of time, until these popular items, become obsolete and people are choosing others instead.  Whether you still prefer bathtubs or not, showers are certainly a smart decision to have in your home, as environmental awareness increases and we now know how important it is to save our water. 

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