It is not uncommon, for households to suffer water damage and according to some studies there was around $6.8 billion worth of damage to properties, just last year.  There are also reports of more than 25% of insurance claims being related to water damage and homeowners have had to pay around $3662, to fix all of these problems. 

If your home suffers from water damage, it could also lead to other problems, such as having problems to breathe, due to growing mildew and mold.  Preventing these sorts of damages is very simples, thanks to the new Water Safe system. 

How It Works

The new Water Sage system is basically a large number of sensors, which are located under each of your appliances and will constantly monitor the moisture levels under them.  These sensors will then send the information to the controller wirelessly and if there is certain amount of moisture, it will automatically activate its shut-off valve.

Locating the shut-off valve is simple, since it can be placed either in your home’s basement, in your backyard or in any other space that you want.  Once the sensors detect a leak or water problem in your home, the controller will shut off the main water supply and this will obviously help to prevent any further water damage.    The Water Safe system controller is also equipped with an “over-ride” function, which will turn your main water supply back on, as soon as the system identifies that there are no more water problems. 

The system is also equipped with a feature, which will contact the homeowner, when any problem is happening and this also helps to prevent any further water damage, as the homeowner can rapidly work on fixing the problem.  Additional monthly fees may be involved for this communication service.

Installing the new Water Safe system in your home, will also help you to reduce insurance expenses, as this system is already a proven method for keeping your home protected and insurance companies take this into account.   

The new Water Safe system is the latest technology in water monitoring and it is an excellent choice for any household.  This water damage preventive system, is also available with a guarantee and this should help you to make the decision of installing one in your home.   

The system is also very easy to install and it is almost a plug and play type of system.  This means that the plumbers at All About the Pipes, will have your new Water Safe system working in only a couple of hours and that your home will instantly be protected.