Improving The Quality Of Your Plumbing Fixtures

Some states of the US are now implanting some laws and regulations, so that plumbing fixtures can have better quality and serve their purpose as they should.  Colorado is one of the states that are working towards having better standards by 2016 and it is only a matter of time until this becomes a common practice in other places of the country. 

The plumbing industry, is always trying to provide higher quality services and products to their customers and by the time that these standards become a law, most plumbers have already made those practices a habit and have no problem meeting the state’s demands. 

An example of such laws is Senate Bill 14-103, which prohibits the sale of plumbing fixtures that are not based on the federal Water Sense standards.  Water Sense certification, is about using less water, without losing any of the performance and benefits.  Toilets are now using at least 1.2 gallons of water less per flush, than they used to and this is why these sorts of bills and laws, are necessary these days. 

This bill was just recently passed and it is still under review by some legislators and the policy team.  Some stores in different communities are already selling some of the products that are recommended by this bill and they say that people actually like them.   “There are people who are actually looking for this stuff.  I don’t know that they need rules to convince them of that,” said Spencer William, who is one of these plumbing stores managers.  

Overall, these requirements and laws help to protect our environment by saving some water, they help to build better communities, they bring higher quality products for consumers and they also promote the plumbing industry.  If we all help to promote these kinds of laws, it will be simple for our politicians to make a decision about them and it will also benefit everyone in the long run. 

It is always important to choose high quality plumbing fixtures, because they can really make a difference in your home and the world.   Don’t forget to read some of our past articles, so that you can learn a little more about plumbing and what All About the Pipes can do for you.