Is Copper Theft Becoming An Epidemic In The US?

As you may already know, copper value is steadily increasing due to so many industries relying on plumbing parts, pipes and tools made from copper. The advantages of using copper parts are that it does not rust easily and can withstand water.

Statistics show that copper related crimes have increased in the last few years. For thieves, it really does not matter whether they have to break into a high security business or a normal family home, as long as it’s to collect something of value. Copper can be easily accessible if not installed correctly. Pipes that are left above ground or outside your house allow easy access for thieves to take.

So what can you do to protect the copper in your plumbing installations?  Thankfully, there are many precautions to take, including hiring a professional plumber that will keep your copper plumbing safe.

First of all, you must plan ahead and make sure that all of your plumbing installation is covered by a wall, platform or hidden securely underground.  There are also many plastic covers, which are made specifically for copper parts that are used in plumbing installations. You can easily hide the copper parts that cannot be fully hidden from thieves’ eyes.  Prevention is the best weapon against thieves and if you can keep your copper away from wandering eyes, you will reduce the chances of being robbed. 

Do not became a part of the statistics and make sure that your plumbing installations are well protected and that the copper in your home is not easy to find.  You can save thousands of dollars by taking just a few precautions during plumbing installations to protect your copper.