Pets & Home Renovation

Renovating your home is no simple task and while some jobs may take longer than others, planning what to do with your pets is a very smart thing to do.  If you are a pet owner and are going to be renovating your home, you must think ahead and find a place for your pets to stay while the job gets done.

So whether you own a dog, a cat, a fish, a hamster or an iguana, renovating your home will surely make them uncomfortable and if you do not plan ahead your Charlotte plumbers could have problems with your little friends too.  It is well known that some dogs and cats can bite or scratch strangers and this could become a problem when your professional plumber is working in your home.

If you cannot afford to send your pets to a specialized hotel for a few days, there are always other options to consider and some of these may work for you:

·         Ask a family member or friend for help.  If you know someone close to you who loves animals and can take care of your pets for a few days, this will solve your problem right away.  Not only will you have more space and tranquility in your home, so the plumbers can work, but your pets will also be at a safe and comfy place. 

·         Use a medium to large closet, small patio or other extra space. If your home renovation is only going to take place inside your home, then find a small yard, patio or place for your pet to be outside.  If you don’t have a yard or your home renovation is going to take place outdoors, find a large enough closet or room for your pet to stay indoors and just bare with them during the renovation process.

·         If you happen to have a dog house or a crate, try using it to contain your pets for a few days.  Remember to visit it often and to take your pet out when the plumbers have gone home for the day.  This will prevent your pets from going into the work area and it will also prevent them from grabbing some of the tools or parts that will be used throughout your home’s renovation.     

Always remember to put some clean water and fresh food for your pets, as this will help to calm them down, while they wait for the plumbers to finish their job.   It is really not that hard to find a safe and comfy place for your pets while your home is being renovated, but you do have to plan ahead.