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Simple Tips For Cleaning Your Bathroom Or Kitchen Sink

clock October 16, 2013 04:23 by author Chris Vigna

We all know, how hard it can be to clean our kitchen or bathroom sinks sometimes and this is why we are going to tell you eight simple tips to accomplish this.  If you follow some of the tips that we are going to describe below, you should have no problem cleaning your home’s sinks and they will always look shiny and new.

Scrubbing is something that almost none of us enjoy doing, but if you want to have a nice and clean sink, you must scrub with all your strength.  There are many correct ways to scrub a sink and thankfully there are many sponges and other tools that we can use to make this task easier.  Some common soap and water will also help you to scrub faster and without getting tired as all.

Most sinks are made out of porcelain and today, it is very easy to make them shine and sparkle.  One of the things that you can do to make them look great is to wet some paper towels with bleach and use them to scrub your porcelain sink.  With this method, you don’t even have to scrub, as you can only place the bleach wet paper towels on top of your sink for 30 minutes and it will begin to shine.  

It is always a good idea to protect your sinks against scratches and stains, as this can make them last a lot longer and it will also make them look nicer.  Installing a perforated mat under your sink will always be a good idea and these are very easy to get.  Avoiding some fruit juice or vinegar to fall on your sink, can also help to prevent stains, which is certainly a positive thing to do.  Using chemicals or other powders to clean your sinks, might not be the best idea out there and this is why you should also try to avoid them.

If you have some surfaces that need cleaning, using some baking soda will always be a great choice and it is also spectacular for cleaning out your sinks.  Turning baking soda to a toothpaste type form is not very hard and it only takes a few minutes to get everything ready to clean your sink with this. 

Lemon juice is also an excellent way to keep your home sinks clean and shiny, as this type of fruit juice does not create any stains and it also helps to eliminate some bacteria and make your house smell good.

Getting rid of dust, is also an important part of keeping your sinks clean and shiny, which is why you should never forget to dust them and to use some WD-40 to keep them working to perfection at all times.   You should also remember to keep your drains unclogged, as this can really cause your sinks to suffer and to deteriorate over time. 

If you follow all of the tips recommended here, you will see your sinks sparkle and look beautiful at all times.  Make sure that you read some of our other blog posts, to get more tips about cleaning and making your home look great.  


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How Can I Extend The Life Of My Kitchen Sink Plumbing?

clock August 12, 2012 21:51 by author Chris Vigna

You might have the very best heavy gauge stainless steel kitchen sink on the market. You no doubt take good care of it and avoid using caustic cleaners or scratchy scouring pads to clean it. As a result your sink will look good and last for many years.

But what about the plumbing underneath the sink? Out of sight out of mind you say? Shame on you. We have a better solution. You can make the unseen plumbing last for years with just a minimal amount of care. Let's start at the beginning. Start with the best plumbing fixtures you can get your hands on.

The next thing you should be sure to avoid doing is using hard-core, extra strength drain cleaners to clear a completely clogged drain. You know what kind of clog we are talking about. We mean a drain that does not allow any water to flow on through. When you pour some of that nasty lye based caustic cleaner down your drain, it will sit there and work at corroding not only your pipes and traps, it can also eat away at your sink. You don't want to replace your plumbing so early in the game.

The other under counter element you must protect is your garbage disposal. Never pour drain cleaner into the side of the sink where your disposal lives. Bad things can and usually will happen. Don't put in things like corn silk, onion skin, bananas and anything else you could not easily digest yourself into the disposal. Run plenty of cold water through the disposal after you use it to flush out all the bad stuff. The best option for under sink care is to call the guys at All About The Pipes Plumbing Inc. when faced with a major clog. They know how to use a snake or a vacuum device to remove the sitting water. One call and it is done, quickly and economically.

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