Learn More About Ice Makers

If you have recently bought a new refrigerator, which includes its own icemaker, it is wise to know a little more about its installation, as this can be a little difficult for some.  Most of the time the company who delivers your refrigerator will not install it, requiring you to either install it yourself or call a plumber. 

This can really make your life more difficult for a couple of days, as most of us want to get our new refrigerators installed immediately so we can enjoy it and keep all of our food fresh as well. 

Learning How An Ice Maker Really Works

Most icemakers are quite small and are built this way so they can easily fit in the freezer compartment of almost every refrigerator.  Icemakers use a small tube that feeds through the inlet valve of your fridge.  Once your refrigerator notices that ice cubes are needed, the inlet valve will open and it will allow water to flow through it.  This sends the water into a special mold for ice cubes and will then send them to your icemaker compartment once they have frozen completely.  Every icemaker needs a special hose to connect to the rear part of your fridge, which can sometimes be tricky to install.

The refrigerators, which have their own ice makers, rarely come with all the installation parts that you will need to make them work properly, which is why, calling an experienced plumber, is not a bad idea.  The plumber will usually have the installation parts that you will need at hand and will be able to install your ice maker quickly. 

Supplies That You Might Need To Install Your New Ice Maker Fridge

As said above, not all new ice makers come with the supplies that you will need to make them work, which is why you might also need to purchase some of the following things: supply lines, flexible tubing, compression nuts, a crescent wrench and some latex tape.   If you are not familiar with these items, a plumber will be able to help you with this and even provide these supplies. 

At All About the Pipes, you can get more help with the installation of your new ice maker and you will also be able to find all of the supplies that you need to make it work.  Give us a call today and we will let you know more about installing these appliances in your home.  You can also subscribe to our free newsletter and we will keep you informed about home remodeling tips and more.