Replacing Aging Water Heaters

There is a very old saying that goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” but sometimes it is a smart decision to replace some things before it causes serious problems or even damages to your home. One good example of this is your home’s water heater, as they can explode or stop heating water, if you do not replace it in time.

Although, some water heaters have been known to last for up to 15 years, it is a good idea to change them before they start to fail and you are required to spend even more money.  There is another saying that goes, “it is better to prevent, than to lament” and this is why you should be aware of the replacement signs that your aging water heater will show over time.

You may also want to replace your old water heater for one that is more energy-efficient and this means that you may want to change it before your old one begins to fail.  This can help you to save money on energy bills over time and you can even find some federal tax credit options, which will help you to save even more money. 

If you are not sure about replacing your old water heater, you should consider this:


  • ·         How well maintained is your aging water heater?  Water heaters can last a lot longer if you flush them every year and keep them clean.  If you have not given your old water heater its routine maintenance services, you should really consider replacing it for a new one. 
  • ·         Where is your old water heater located? The time to replace your old water heater may also depend on where you have placed it in your home, as the location will cause different types of damages to its exterior and interior as well. 
  • ·         How much do you really use your water heater? The amount of use that you give to your water heater will be a very important factor as to when it is a good time to replace it.  If you use a lot of hot water every day your water heater will be used for longer periods of time and it is likely to fail sooner than those water heaters that are not used on a regular basis.
  • ·          What quality of water do you have in your home?  If your home gets hard or poor quality water, your water heater will tend to rot in a shorter period of time, which is why you should replace it before it starts to leak or causes other damages to your plumbing system. 


Once you have decided to replace your aging water heater, you should consider giving your local professional plumber a call. They will immediately help you with your new water heater’s installation and will make hot water available in your home right away.