Tips for Kitchen Remodeling

If you enjoy watching television shows about remodeling and improving your home, you will certainly enjoy watching a show called, “For Your Home”. This show is hosted by Vicki Payne, who is well known for her home remodeling shows.

All About the Pipes recently made an appearance in “For Your Home”, during their current season and we helped a happy couple remodel their kitchen, which was the only part of their home that they were not truly satisfied.   The main goal of All About the Pipes and “For Your Home” was to help this couple to finish their kitchen remodeling on time and to save some money while they are at it.     

During this two-part episode, titled “Empty Nesters Get Dream Kitchen”, some plans were analyzed first and then some ideas were established before getting to work.  This helped All About the Pipes, to understand what the homeowners were thinking of and it also helped to get the results that everyone was hoping for. 

Vicki also helped to choose some colors and patterns for the kitchen and they all shared some interesting ideas for homeowners to use in their next remodeling projects.  During the two parts of this series, Chris Vigna and Vicky, discuss different types of sinks, faucets, countertop materials, appliances and tiles.  They also talk about the benefits of certain kitchen design layouts and what would be more convenient for the home being remodeled in the show.   

Some comments were also made about cabinets, structural engineering, lighting and other general kitchen remodeling.  This series of “For Your Home” is really fun to watch and you will learn some great tips, for making your kitchen more comfortable and more attractive too.     

Episodes 2901 and 2902 of this show can now be watched for free at or in YouTube.  They last for about 26 minutes each and are very helpful and entertaining. You can click the links below as well and you will be redirected to “For Your Home’s” site, so you can watch this amazing kitchen remodeling series with All About the Pipes.

Part One Of The Series

Part Two Of The Series