How To Get More Money For Your Home, By Fixing Your Plumbing Problems

If you are currently thinking about or trying to sell your home, it would be a very smart idea to get all of its plumbing problems fixed, as this can benefit you in many ways.  While some people may think let’s just leave those problems to the future owners or why should we spend any money on repairing this home if we are selling? The truth is that fixing your home’s plumbing before selling it will add value to your home and make you feel even better about the sale. 

If an inspector notices these problems before you sell your home, it could cost you even more in penalties and having to work with professionals that they recommend.  You may also end up making less money on your house if you do not fix your plumbing problems before selling it, because some buyers will notice them and reduce their offering price, as they will have to pay for those repairs and they may overestimate the price. 

Not fixing your home’s plumbing issues before selling it, could also lead you to have to wait more for a buyer to be convinced, as some will notice these problems and start wondering what other problems your home might come with. 

Some types of financing institutions will also require the home to be inspected prior to authorizing the loan to your home’s buyer, which means that if they find any type of plumbing problems, they may not authorize the loan and you will not be able to make that sale.    

 Home sellers or real estate agents, will sometimes have plumber contacts and  other professionals to help you out with these problems, but if you are selling your home on your own, it would be smart to start contacting professional plumbers, so they can inspect your home  and see if it requires any plumbing repairs before it is sold.

At All About the Pipes, we encourage our clients to inspect their plumbing systems several times a year, as this can help to identify plumbing problems at an early stage and save some money and time. Most of the time, plumbing repairs take only a matter of hours.

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