Plumbing emergencies can happen at any time and there may be days when your local plumber cannot get to your home right away.  Knowing more about plumbing and having your own plumbing emergency kit will surely help you to control things until your plumber arrives. 

Your Own Plumbing Emergency Kit:


  • ·         A five gallon bucket – If you do not have a tool box or do not want to spend some money on one, you can always use a five gallon bucket to keep all your tools in one place.  A bucket will also be easy to move around and have it close by when you need it the most.
  • ·         Regular plunger and force cup – If you need to unclog something, having these tools available will help you a lot. 
  • ·         A variety of wrenches – These come in handy for plumbing projects.
  • ·         A multi-bit screwdriver – This will require less tools for your emergency kit and will help you a lot too. 
  • ·         Several Allen keys – These are also extremely handy in plumbing emergencies. 
  • ·         Duct tape – This will allow you to cover leaks momentarily. 
  • ·         Blind caps – These are useful for fixing some valves that need repairing. 
  • ·         Heavy-duty paper towels – These are extremely useful for cleaning up water or other messes.  


So if you want to be well prepared and not suffer when those home threatening plumbing emergencies occur, consider building your own emergency kit for these occasions and you will see how you can prevent some problems from becoming even tougher to solve.

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