We have all flushed things down the toilet, which we know shouldn’t be flushed and sometimes, they have caused some serious plumbing issues in our homes. Not doing these things will help you prevent plumbing problems and it will also make your plumber’s work easier. 

So here are some things you should be careful about:

·         Reaching for the Drano – Most people tend to go for chemicals and similar drain cleaning solutions when they experience a plumbing problem, but these may not always be the best choice.   Chemicals can be a hazard to your health and you may not have the proper equipment, so think twice before applying chemicals to your pipes. 

·         Don’t use your toilets as trash cans – There are things that can be flushed down your toilet and there are things that can’t, so don’t treat your toilets as trash cans and you will not have as many plumbing problems throughout your life.  Even things like personal cleaning wipes, feminine hygiene products and toilet scrubbers, which are labeled as “flushable”, should not always be thrown into your toilets.

·         Trying to do everything on your own- making yourself believe that you can solve anything, does not always work and sometimes diagnosing plumbing problems on your own, is not your best decision.  Sometimes, you can even make things worse if you are not certain of what you are doing. So calling a professional plumber may be your best choice. 

·         Know more about your plumbing system – If you are not familiar with your plumbing system at home, you should really find out things like where the main water valve is located and where the entire emergency shut off valves are as well.  This will allow you to shut off the water, if there are any problems and it will help you when the plumber gets there, as you will be able to guide them to these valves. 

·         Don’t keep your old hoses – It is not uncommon for hoses to burst suddenly, so replacing your hoses every now and then can help you to prevent some plumbing problems as well.  Washing machines, dishwashers and other appliances, all have hoses, which can burst at any moment, so check them regularly and you will avoid these problems. 

·         Make sure you have a leak protection system – Having one of these systems installed in your home can really save you from some problems and it is one of the best things that you can add to protect your home. 

·         Make sure your water heater is not outdated – Having an old water heater can cause more problems than you can imagine, so try and keep it up to date and you will also save yourself a lot of plumbing problems. 

·         Don’t overload your garbage disposal - If you treat your garbage disposal kindly, it will also treat you kindly.  Just be careful with the things and how much you use your garbage disposal and you will keep this working better most of the time.

·         Don’t play with the water heater’s pressure valve – If you are not familiar with how your water heater’s pressure valve functions, you should really not mess with it.  This could just make things worse and make you spend more in plumbing repairs.   

So remember these things and you will not have as many plumbing problems in your home.  You can also read some of our past blog posts and learn more about plumbing systems and protecting your own.