Stop Worrying About How To Pick Your Bathroom Tiles


If you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom or really think that it is time to change your bathroom tiles, this blog post is for you, as we will tell you tips for picking the best tiles for your bathroom and you can be certain that they will help you to make a smart decision. 


Tip #1


If your bathroom design has curves in it, you should pick smaller size tiles for these sections.  If your shower or bathtub has a bench, it will probably need smaller tiles, as these will fit better and will make your design look better too. 


Tip #2


Touch the bathroom tiles that you like in the store and think about how they will feel when you touch them with bare feet or right after taking a comforting shower.  If you are planning to sit on your bathroom bench, it will also be a good idea to have an edge and soft tiles. 


Tip #3


If you are going to be choosing some mosaic tiles, you should be very careful and make sure they are glued perfectly to the floors and walls. If not, it could cause problems, in a short period of time. 


Tip #4


Small colored glass, allows you more options and easier installation, than large clear glass.  Most small colored glass, can be fitted easily in any bathroom, while larger clear glass tiles, may need to be made out specifically for your case and this could raise the cost of remodeling your bathroom a lot. 


Tip #5


Use a different colored set of tiles to build a wall, which will make your bathroom design nice to look at.  This is a simple way to make your bathroom look a lot different and there are plenty of colored tiles to choose from. 


Tip #6


Your shower’s access should be simple and safe as well.  By considering universal bathroom designs, as well as some shower made tiles, you will be able to accomplish this. 


Tip #7


If you are like most people and do not enjoy cleaning your bathroom or shower, you should pick some glass panels or large slabs, as these are much easier to clean and will make your life easier too. 


So follow some of these tips when picking your bathroom tiles and you will see great results!