Some people do not know about the benefits of using vinegar and baking soda together to clean some parts of your home, but the fact is that this combination can really help to clean your home’s drains. 

There are some apartments and homes, which require constant drain inspection and cleaning to prevent flooding and other plumbing emergencies, yet sometimes it may be difficult for some of us to do this.  By simply using some baking soda and vinegar, you could prevent your drains from clogging, thus saving you from a lot of problems. 

Vinegar and baking soda are also an eco-friendly way to clean your drains.  Using this combination to clean your drains does not require any elbow grease or a plumber, as they are very easy to apply and they do most of the work on their own. 

To prepare the mixture, first pour a bowl of hot water, down the drain that is giving you problems or that you want to clean.  You will then need to dump around ½ c. of baking soda into the drain and let it sit with the hot water for a few minutes. 

After a little while, pour in a mixture of 1 c. vinegar, with 1 c. of very hot water and let it sit over the baking soda for a few minutes too.  Using a drain plug to cover the reaction that this mixture will create will prevent you from having to clean up a mess.  After leaving the mixture to sit for around five minutes, you should flush or turn on the water, so that the mixture is flushed and your drains are cleaned.   

Hot water and baking soda help to loosen up some of the grimy sludge, which can be found at the bottom of your drains.  When the vinegar is added, an explosion occurs and this causes the sludge to be jolted right off your drains. 

While this is an excellent technique for keeping your drains cleaned and unclogged, it does not work all of the time and this is when you should consider giving All About the Pipes a call.  We are drain cleaning experts and also specialize in solving any type of plumbing emergency. 

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