Does Plumbing Seem Like a Thing of the Past?

When then ancient civilizations invented indoor plumbing, it was only intended to and to bring in clean water through the piping system; However, now our society is incredibly dependent on this system of complex pipes that makes our lives more sanitary and easy.

Unique networks of subterranean tunnels have been discovered all over the world and some date back to a period before Christ, which is truly incredible and might change some of the things that we first believed about our ancestors.  It is truly amazing to see how advanced they were back then and how they knew the importance of plumbing systems in their communities. 

Civilizations like the Mayans and the Romans, all knew about the importance of plumbing and how it could affect their population’s health.  They developed incredible plumbing systems, which served to take clean water into their cities and dirty water away from them.  These systems are still standing today and could even work if water ran through them again. 

Monarchs, during The Tudors period, also knew the importance of plumbing systems and many of their creations have helped modern plumbers to develop systems for our homes.  There are still documents, about the plumbers who worked in the city during those days and some of them were John Date and Nicholas Walrond, who was one of the most successful plumbers of his time.  Some of the records, not only show what parts of the city’s plumbing system each of these plumbers worked on, but also the foods that they were given by the city officials at the time. This proves how important plumbing systems were to our ancestors back then and how important they are to us today. 

It is always nice to remember the great minds who gave us the future of plumbing. If it weren’t for them, who knows what our communities would be like and what our world would of have evolved to.