Going on vacation this summer? Want some quick tips to safeguard your home so you don’t come home to an underwater house?

Turn the water off at the main whole house shut off valve. If you can't find your valve or don't have a whole house emergency shut off valve give us a call at 704-559-5288. With the water off open a faucet for a few seconds to relieve pressure then turn back off. This will relieve any pressure and may prevent potential flooding while you are away. Turn  your water heater to away mode or turn off all together. http://www.ehow.com/how_4906355_turn-off-hot-water-heater.html

A common source of flooding is from your ice maker supply line and laundry supply hoses. This is a great time to visually inspect your laundry hot/cold hoses, they tend to get stress cracks over a long period of time.

While you are at it, consider turning off any other non essential devices like your television, computers, HVAC etc. Just know that things like your refrigerator are obviously going to need to stay on.

These are just some helpful hints to prevent costly and catastrophic leaks while you are away on vacation. Bon Voyage!